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Epoxy Countertops

Explore the stunning world of epoxy countertops! Theyre eco-friendly, durable, and offer a range of colors and patterns to add style to any room. With their superior stain and scratch resistance, theyd be a perfect fit in the busy kitchen and bathroom. With their easy cleanup, your kitchen will always look fresh and neat. Bring home epoxy countertops today!

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Metallic Epoxy Floors

Multi-layered floor system consisting of epoxy mixed with metallic pigments and artistically applied on the prepared concrete floor. Easily customizable with a wide range of pigments available. Comes with a high-gloss light-reflective finish. It is stain, scratch and chemical resistant. Ideal for use in both residential and commercial spaces.

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Epoxy Flake floor

The most durable, epoxy floor system. It consists of epoxy and layers of vinyl flakes, sealed with a protective UV stable topcoat. These floors are weather and waterproof, ideal for residential and commercial outdoor concrete resurfacing, garage floors, spaces that experience moisture issues and high foot traffic areas.

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